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"If your tools affect the music that you’re making that much, you need to find some new tools"


Synthetic Series 02: Korg monotron toys


So simple devices and so much possibility. These awesome devices can produce surprising results so make sure you always record them, because them, because there is no going back.

Download (82Mb)


Synthetic Series 01: Analogue Zone

I started sampling a Doepfer modular system and quickly got lost in the process of tweaking knobs. Here you find 74 samples that I found interesting in the recording. The hardware was provided by

Download (52 Mb)


Lost in bass

This is a simple gated bass instrument with a lot of tweakable parameters. 


(requires Reson 6.5)


Granular Heaven

This patch is a mixture of ARP and Alligator. You can change the sound of the patch, here’s how:

Don’t just simply load a new patch into the NN-XT. Select all three samples and delete them, then “browse samples”, select what you like and at the velocity section turn “sample start” to the maximum.

Download (requires Reason 6.5)


Trento atmospheres


Here is my first ambient sample pack. There are field recordings, no effects were applied, no post-processing was done. I used a Zoom H2N recorder. 

The package contains 10 samples in 48khz/24bit quality.

Download (393Mb)



Unique an interesting combinators will get posted here.


Rack extensions

I’m a registered RE developer and there’s a 80% ready device waiting on my HDD. There are some difficulties, but I’ll find the workaround. 



No refills so far, but there are a lot of patches waiting to be packaged into a nice refill :)


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If you are interested in sound design, music prodution or just looking for some interesting audio related stuff, you are at the right place. On this site, you will find lots of useful resources four your music, sound design projects or other crazy ideas.

Free samples and resources will be released with Creative Commons sampling 1.0 license. I'll share:

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